To ensure a large diffusion of our Activities, We will give Media Accreditation Pass to Established News Organizations with a wide audience in exchange of Press Releases, Advertizing Campaign, Interviews on Site, Press Article, Broadcast, Advertorial, Television Report, Live Streaming, Live Broadcast, etc.

News Organization

  • International Television
  • National Television
  • International Radio
  • National Radio
  • Specialized Magazine
  • Fashion Magazine
  • International Newspaper
  • National Newspaper
  • Website
  • Webzine
  • Blogger / Vlogger
  • Photographers must shoot for an Accredited Media

Application Process (All applicant will need to be affiliated with Media houses and apply with the professional email belonging to such.)

  • Provide Assignment Letter with the Company Letterhead
  • Attach a Photo ID
  • Attach a Proof of an Article you signed, Editorial coverage or a link where We can verify your Work Experience
  • First and Last Name
  • Citizenship
  • Job Title
  • Your Role in Attendance
  • Type of Media House you represent
  • Name and Contacts of your Supervisor / Director
  • Circulation or Viewership
  • Website
  • Contacts (Cell, Phone, Fax)
  • Address in the United States if your Trip was not coordinated by us.
  • Emergency contact (Name, Phone, Address)
  • Submit all the abovementioned to

Application Period

  • New York Event: From August 1st 2016 to August 1st 2017
  • Los Angeles Event:
  • Miami Event:

Please take note that

  • As soon as your accreditation has been accepted, We will send you a Confirmation E-mail with details regarding where you can pick up your Badge upon arrival. Those coordinating their Trip with us will receive it in the Car transporting them to the Hotel.
  • ID Verification will be required before We give Press Pass
  • We do not cover Travel Expenses for Members of the Press, but We can ensure you more savings if You coordinate your Travel with our Official Partners (Transportation, Lodging, etc.) Packages are available upon request.
  • Without a duly signed Letter of Assignment and Credible proofs, no application for Accreditation will be considered.

PRESS RELEASE: AGOA Forum – Washington DC 2016 

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