AGOA Festival
Sponsorship Packages – AGOA Festival


As a Sponsor You will receive a significant Brand visibility to millions within your target market and especially develop your Corporate Sustainability Initiative as promoted by the United Nations Global Compact. Our Events are shaped around Cooperation, Fair Business, Solidarity, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Promotion and will be heavily promoted through TV, Radio, Websites, Print advertising, Social Media, and on Strategic Venues in the United States as well as in African Countries Guests of Honor. According to your Budget, your Logo will be displayed on Promotional Materials including International Press Releases.

You can also access to Government Authorities and Decisions Makers to expand and Develop your Business in 39 African Countries AGOA Eligible. Country Pavilions, Corporate Booths to exhibit your products will be available for 5 Days with Professional Workshops, Master Classes, Forums and Conferences. Cultural Diversity, Tourism Promotion, Cooperation around Fashion and Music is celebrated  in both directions (United States and Africa) as City Tours are organized after the Exhibitions to support our Humanitarian and Social Projects in Africa one month after our US Events. Our Sponsorship Opportunities can be discussed and adapted to your Budget and Activity.

  • Adjunction of Company / Brand name on Event Title and inclusion in the integrated Marketing and Media Campaign (41 Countries)
  • International Press release announcing as Presenting Sponsor highlighting implementation / business expansion in the 39 African Countries AGOA Eligible
  • Premium position and Strategic Branding on all Event collateral material and venues
  • Possibility to organize a Sweepstakes / Game / Special Event / Tailored Service on the Event to promote your Company products / brands
  • Large Showroom / Exhibition Booth with branding
  • Inclusion of your product / Strategic position on the Main Stage
  • Logo on signage at entrances to and inside the Event Venues
  • VIP tables for 24 guests with Sponsor signage and special cocktail service during Welcoming Gala Dinner (live program and Fashion Show)
  • Premium Position advertising in the Event Signature Show Book to be released during the Welcoming Gala, distributed to all participating countries
  • Four pages spread in the Event magazine for your advertisement
  • High Level Meeting, Roundtable and Discussion with Political Authorities Decision Makers from the AGOA Eligible Countries to manage Incentives in the AGOA Eligible Countries
  • Reservation of Preferred VIP Seating / Front row for your Guests
  • Limousine transportation from hotel to Event venue during Welcomming Gala Dates
  • 2000 Invitations / Tickets for all the Event activities
  • Logo on large screen throughout the Event when not in use by Presenters
  • Logo inclusion on the media board “step and repeat” entrance and Red carpet
  • Logo inclusion on the Event website and all VIP invitations and Event tickets
  • Advertising Banner on 25 Top Websites / Blogs from the 39  African Countries AGOA Eligible for 6 Months

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