Jimmy Choo
AGOA Exhibition & Trade Fair
Speaker: Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE

DATUK PROFESSOR JIMMY CHOO OBE (OFFICER OF THE ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE) Mention “Jimmy Choo” and elegant, exquisitely crafted shoes immediately come to mind. Famed for making shoes for the Late Diana, Princess of Wales, Prof. Choo’s beautiful creations have adorned the feet of royalty, celebrities and pop stars.   Choo, the son of a

AGOA Festival
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RULES AND REQUIREMENTS ABOUT AGOA Festival Awards is an initiative to promote AGOA benefits by supporting Emerging Talents from Africa. The pilot project will support those involved in Fashion Industry and Journalism / Blogging, especially the women.  OBJECTIVES Get the Journalist / Blogger involved in AGOA benefits promotion on social networks and build their capacities