AGOA Festival
AGOA Festival Social Programs


Around the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA), We have developped these different programs to get everybody involved in Africa’s development through Cooperation, Solidarity, Tourism promotion, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Women Empowerment and Infrastructures Development.

The AGOA Young Ambassadors Program is open to the Young African from AGOA Eligible Countries, aged 18 to 35 promoting Investment Opportunities in their Countries under AGOA by highlighting their Culture and Tourism Attractions. To participate, They must constitute a Group of 8 composed of 1 Project Manager, 1 Blogger, 1 Fashion Designer, 1 Model, 1 Photographer, 1 Make-Up Artist, 1 Accessorist and 1 Hairdresser. With a Picture They will have to promote a Textile product / Ethnic print fabric of their country, Local Braiding Hair style; The picture must be taken at a Touristic Place of their Country listed as World UNESCO Heritage or willing to. Then, the Blogger will have to write an article presenting their Teamwork and Investment Opportunities under AGOA in this Region. The Project Manager will play the role of Spokesperson. After Country preselections, the Winners will be invited to our Upcoming Event.

The AGOA TechnoGirls Program is open to the Young African Girls from AGOA Eligible Countries, aged 18 to 35 promoting Women empowerment and access to Information Technology and Communications. The objective is to get them involved in AGOA benefits promotion in their communities and be trained in the United States during Workshops, Masterclasses and Seminaries by Top American Media with the possibility to become their Reporters / Bloggers / Journalists / Correspondents in the AGOA Eligible Countries. Participants must have a Blog or work for a Media based in Africa. 25 AGOA TechnoGirls / Country will be trained during each season of the AGOA Festival.

Welcome to Africa is a Cultural and Business Exchange Program held in Two African Countries after the AGOA Festival (New York, Los Angeles, Miami). We give the opportunity to our Guests to experience African lifestyle, discover exotic places, feel a pure Cultural Melting Pot with integrating activities (african dances, learn local languages and cooking, participation in humanitarian activities, etc). They will also be introduced to the Business Community, Decision Makers and Authorities of the Countries for business and investment opportunities. Every Country Tour ends with a Humanitarian Concert to support a cause with American Celebrities and Top Local Artists.

In many African Countries, for many reasons some Kids live in the Streets without adult supervision. With bad influence and lack of appropriate education, They easily embrace Delinquant’s life and constitue a Danger for themselves and the Society. Another category living in the Streets are the Disabled and Blind Persons. We are convinced that Fashion has the power to change positively their Lives if We teach them a Job in Fashion Industry. This program can help them to take care of themselves and be useful for the Society. We will develop the Brand (Fs)² for those learning Fashion Design, Shoemaking, Accessorists and help them to be a Source of Motivation for the People in the same situation like them before and make their creations access the US Market under AGOA..

We believe Fashion is an Industry where there is Strenght in Numbers. That’s why We open widely our doors to the African based Fashion Designers from the AGOA Eligible Countries to join forces with us in order to produce in industrial quantities and export to the United States under one Brand where Everybody keeps his name and style. Under this union, We can have Professional Retailing Stores with a Dedicated Personnel and take full advantage of AGOA. A’frican Clothing is a registered Trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). (Click here to access the website.)

AGOA Apparel Ambassadors are Public Persons, Celebrities (Singers, Models, Artists, Journalists, Politicians, etc) living in the United States with the desire to promote African Textile Products or Make-Up Goods eligible under AGOA. They will receive the Garments Free but must give credits to the African Fashion Designers who produced the garments on social media and their network. They will have access to the Top and Emerging Designers from 39 African Countries AGOA Eligible on our dedicated Trademark A’frican Clothing website.(Click here to access the website.)