AGOA Expo & Trade Fair
Speaker: Dr. David H. Lee, PhD


Chairman & CEO, World Fashion Organization®

David H. Lee now serves as Chairman & CEO of World Fashion Organization® as well as International Trade Organization®, under which World Trade Bank® (TBD/IO) is in organization.

He had worked as Chairman for the World Trade Centers of which network is in almost 300 cities over 100 countries. He received his Ph.D. at Madrid National University and his post doctorate at the University of California, San Diego. He also studied at WSU School of Law in the U.S. and in the International Relations department of St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, as in-resident researcher.

Academically, while serving as Foundation Fellow & Regent, HMC, University of Oxford until 2011, a professorship was named in 2007 for his sake as David H. Lee Senior Research Fellow at HMC in the University of Oxford.

Aside from his intensive career in the trade financing industry, he was on numerous professorships worldwide such as in U.S., Japan and Europe and has published extensively both books and articles covering a wide range of topics in international economics and regional development. Dr. Lee has been awarded several scholastic and academic honors as well as a commendation from Mexico, Korea, U.S., China and Spain in appreciation of academic achievement for cooperation between developing and developed countries.