AGOA Expo & Trade Fair
Speaker: Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE



Topic: Fashion Business models, Business ethics and strategies. Expand your Fashion business in the United States and Asia-Pacific.

Venue: New York Marriott Marquis Hotel: 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

Mention “Jimmy Choo” and elegant, exquisitely crafted shoes immediately come to mind. Famed for making shoes for the Late Diana, Princess of Wales, Prof. Choo’s beautiful creations have adorned the feet of royalty, celebrities and pop stars.  

Choo, the son of a reputable shoe designer in Malaysia, spent his early years on the idyllic island of Penang working as his father’s young apprentice. Determined to master the art of shoe design, he traveled to London in the 1980’s to study footwear at Cordwainers College. The college has since become part of the London College of Fashion, one of five colleges that form University of The Arts, London.  

Since establishing his couture label in 1986, Choo’s made-to-order designs have included an extensive range of hand-beaded, hand-stitched and personalized shoes ranging from slippers, sandals and mules to boots. In 1988, Vogue ran an eight-page spread featuring Choo’s creations teamed with clothes from several British dress designers. This affirmed his status as a shoe designer and master craftsman and Choo hasn’t looked back since.

In 1996, building upon his already strong presence in Britain and his growing international reputation, Choo launched his ready-to-wear line with the late Mr. Tom Yeardye. He subsequently sold his share of the ready-to-wear business in November 2001 to Equinox Luxury Holdings Ltd., entrusting them with his values of comfort and elegance to the luxury footwear and accessories market, whilst he himself continued to operate his couture line.

Today, Choo’s presence is forefront in his firm support for education, as Ambassador for Footwear Education at the London College of Fashion and a spokesperson for the British Council in their promotion of British Education to foreign students.

Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo OBE is a firm believer in “Creativity Through Skills”, a slogan he promotes: “It is important to be skilled to become a good designer. A designer should not just be good at sketching but also be well versed and knowledgeable in every aspect of the making of any creation.”  

Prof Choo is recognized far and wide across the globe. One of the most recent accolades was “World Most Outstanding Chinese Designer Award” from Hong Kong Design Centre in December 2011.  The award was given in honor of his contribution to the design community and his support for global fashion education and training.

Another global award ‘You Bring Charm to The World” was presented on the 31st of March by Phoenix TV in Beijing for being one of the most influential Chinese personalities in the field of arts and culture.

Prof Dato’ Jimmy Choo OBE has been honored with many awards to celebrate his achievements and contributions, the most significant being the following:

– 2017: Appointment as Ambassador of the Late Princess Lady Diana of Wales Awards

– November 25th, 2016: Choo was honored with the Women of the Future Awards for his effort to help and inspire women during the Women of the Future Global Network Launch;

– September 23rd, 2016: Lifetime Achievement Award, was given to Choo by Asia Pacific CSR Awards supported by the United Nations for his humanity contribution to the society;

– October 4th, 2015: Lifetime Award, recognition given to Choo for being a role model for young designers. The award was presented by our Minister’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor at the opening ceremony of ‘Enchanting Elegance’ Fashion Show in conjunction with Expo Milano 2015;

– June 30th, 2015: Choo received an award from the ASEAN Retail-Chains Franchise Federation (ARFF) Malaysia Chapter. He was given ASEAN Lifetime Achievement Award as the Most Iconic Shoe Couture Designer;

– March 15th, 2015: Highest Award of distinction at the Malaysia International Shoe Festival hosted by Tourism Malaysia;

– October 17th, 2014: Choo was awarded World Fashion Organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Fashion Week in Paris;

– August 18th, 2014: Choo was selected as one of the thirteen country’s most prominent figures to be featured in the 1Malaysia Ikon documentary-drama program produced 1Malaysia TV;

– April 30th, 2014: Choo was awarded “Icon of Malaysia” at the Night of Achievers organized by Malaysia Book of Records;

– June 1st, 2013: Choo was conferred Panglima Jasa Negara (PJN) which carries the title “DATUK” by the Majesty Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Ruler of Malaysia;

– May 28th, 2013: Choo was awarded “The Brand Laureate Haute Couture Man of the Year Award” in the Brand Laureate Best Brands Award 2012-2013;

– November 12th, 2012: Choo was awarded “Lifetime Achievement Award” during the 4th World Chinese Economic Forum in Victoria, Australia;

– August 1st, 2012: Choo was appointed to the Board of Visionaries of innovation Malaysia by the Prime Minister of Malaysia;

– June 16th, 2012: Choo was awarded 1Malaysia iAward (Honorary iCreate category) by YB Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, the Minister of Finance II of Malaysia;

– May 16th, 2012: Choo was presented the Institute Medal of Design by the Textile Institute at the World Textile Conference 2012;

– March 31st, 2012: Choo was awarded ‘You Bring Charm to the World’ by Phoenix TV in Beijing, China for being one of the most Influential Chinese Personalities in the field of Arts and Culture;

– December 20th, 2011: Choo was awarded Special Minister’s Award by the Minister of Tourism of Malaysia;

– December 2nd, 2011: Choo was awarded “World Most Outstanding Chinese Designer” by Hong Kong Design Centre;

– November 7th, 2011: Choo was awarded Master of His Craft my Malaysia Tattler;

– July 22nd, 2011: Choo was awarded “Fashion Icon of the Year” by the Global Leadership Awards of the American Leadership Development Association;

– July 2nd, 2011: Choo was awarded the Brand Laureate Signature Award as “The World’s Leading Shoe Couturier” by Asia Pacific Brand Foundation;

– March 30th, 2011: Choo was elected an Ambassador for World Scout Foundation by HM King Karl XVI of Sweden;

– March 27th, 2010: Choo was Awarded the Brand Laureate Awards under the Country Branding Awards 2009/2010 category by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation;

– September 6th, 2009: Choo was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce;

– August 1st, 2009: Choo was appointed as Malaysia’s Tourism Ambassador;

– June 5th, 2007: Choo received a Special Recognition from the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage Malaysia, for the outstanding contribution and achievement in the International Fashion World;

– November 2006: Choo was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award at Malaysia International Fashion Week;

– November 14th, 2006: Choo became the third Malaysian awarded the prestigious “Freedom of the City of London” title;

– August 24th, 2004: Choo received the title of Dato’ from the Head of State of Penang, his hometown in Malaysia;

– July 19th, 2004: Choo was conferred an Honorary Doctor of Arts (Design) from The Monfort University, Leicester;

– May 11th, 2004: in conjunction with the inauguration of the University of Arts London, Choo received the title of Honorary Fellow of the University in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of footwear design and his association with the London College of Fashion;

– February 4th, 2004: Choo was admitted to the freedom of the Company of Cordwainers and Clothes as an Honorary Liveryman of the Company;

– June 18th, 2003: The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, on behalf of Her Majesty, The Queen of England, presented Choo with an Honorary OBE (abbreviation for Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in recognition of his services to shoe design and the fashion industry;

– May 24th, 2001: Choo was conferred the title of Visiting Professor by the London Institute (now University of the Arts of London) for his long and continuous contribution to the fashion industry;

– June 8th, 2000: Choo was one of the first six recipients of the Gold Award from the Association of Colleges whose members include 470 colleges in England and Wales. This scheme was introduced to acknowledge the achievements of British College graduates who have carved strong names around the globe in their chosen fields;

– 2000: The Sultan of Pahang bestowed upon Choo the title of Honorable Dato’ (equivalent to a British Knighthood).

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